*Important Note: The prices you are seeing on this website are retail prices, the prices for wholesale purchase are within a private area that you will be given access once your sent details are confirmed.


*If you are interested in our Dropshipping services, please send an email to dropshipping@chollomoda.com


Compra online a través de nuestro apartado mayoristas de ropa la ropa online de mujer de tu marca de ropa española chollomoda
Yes, yes, you have read well, to our new wholesale clothing sales area and we are sure that if you are reading this right now it is because either you are looking for wholesalers of clothing or because you are one of our precious clients that is interested on it.


If you are a customer, we regret saying that we only do wholesale purchase of women clothes to professionals, although if you are setting up your own business and are looking for suppliers to buy clothes wholesale you can ask for information without any commitment, and when you are willing to be a super entrepreneur, we will be able to talk ^__*


If you are already professional and you are looking for wholesalers of women’s clothing, you may have arrived at your site, but before you fill out the contact form we would like to tell you some stuff, which possibly you have not read in other suppliers of clothing wholesale online that you have found on the internet.


We want to talk about our brand, of our history and we want to anticipate that no, we do not sell all the stores that want to buy women’s clothes wholesale, because the magic with which this brand has been created and with the care that we develop our collections deserves to be in those points of sale where they really empathe with our philosophy.


They say that the things that are made of heart, the heart arrives, because here we open you a little ours…


Chollomoda is a clothing spanish brand , in concrete from extremadura (badajoz), we feel very proud to say that we are from extremadura, after a lot of work, to this day, we are considered one of the online clothing stores of reference in spain, our designs are weared by the most popular bloggers both in national and international panorama.


In 2017 we took the decision to run away, as fast as we could, from the masifications, plagiaries and other stories that unfortunately have to be seen in the world of fashion, and after this decisions, our own collections were born, created to the shores of las vegas bajas, designed in spain and manufactured in portugal, always looking for a final cloth with the best clothing, design and fabrics, so that our final client can buy low cost price online spanish quality fashion.


Now we believe that you will understand why we told you at the beginning that we are not wholesalers of women’s clothing for all stores, we can not be part of what we run away.


Therefore, if you are a multi-brand store lover of quality fashion, if you are starting your project with all the illusion of this world, if you are a small store located in a charmed village or you are in the most cosmopolitan city, if you have a boutique and you want to give young and fresh air to your collections … in short, if you know to value quality fashion, then, fill out the form and we will be happy to be able to talk to you and give you the welcome to the chollomoda family.


Any questions write us to mayoristas@chollomoda.com



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